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Want the latest and greatest tech in your business?

Introduce AI and advanced data analytics with Tenzo and always have cutting-edge tech at your fingertips.


Access industry-leading insights and analytics.


AI-driven value add – your own demand forecasting engine.


Everything ready when you need it.


Make data-backed decisions for your business.


The vast majority of our integrations are APIs which allow us to pull data in near real-time (depending on the origin system). We also integrate using agents installed on other software as well as SFTP uploads.

We are happy working as closely with IT as you would like. We can handle training and deployment or if you would rather that sits with IT, we’re happy to facilitate that as well.

Although Tenzo may make it look easy, building a restaurant performance tool is no simple feat. Simply bringing all the disparate data sources into one place is a challenge, let alone presenting that information in a way that will encourage the teams on the ground to engage with it. We’re happy to chat through your plans and see how we can help!

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One of our main values is to be a trusted partner. As such we pride ourselves in being extremely safe and take the utmost care to ensure your data remains secure.

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Use cases for IT teams

People eating in restaurants
Seamless support

Tenzo’s support is unrivalled. We proactively make sure that everything is working as it should.

Online POS Systems
Easy set up

Tenzo takes care of the set up, all we need are your log in details. We’re experts in ETL and work with your tech providers.

Restaurant PeformanceOps
Full team training

We are here to enable training across the entire team so you can be sure everyone has been onboarded properly.

Forefront of cutting-edge tech

We know you’re always looking to work with the most cutting edge tech and with Tenzo you can be sure you are. From our AI algorithms to world class integrations.

Supported pilots

Want to test us out in a few select loactions? We will enable that and work with you to define what success out of these pilots look like.

Improving restaurant performance with online management systems
Machine learning algorithms

Our forecasting goes above and beyond using machine learning models to get the most accurate forecasts possible.

“Tenzo gave us facts to base our decisions on; before it was quite anecdotal, saying that it “feels like we’re not making money” or “it feels like we’re overstaffed at these times”.

Tom Brand, Finance Director, Incipio

“We want to get rid of administration as much as possible, so they can focus on training, being there with the team, and analysis. And that’s where Tenzo helps.”

Benjamin D’Hertefelt, Project Manager, NONA

“Tenzo’s forecasting solution combines machine learning with an easy to use mobile app for the restaurant managers. This has helped increase labour productivity by hour by 15%.”

Moji Neshat, GM Singapore, Nando’s

“Having Tenzo has really made our lives so much easier.”

Svenja Siltmann, Group Operations Manager, Generator & Freehand