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Know what you need to do to hit your targets this week?

Just ask Tenzo. Tenzo shows you exactly how your restaurant is performing and what you need to do to improve to hit your key metrics.


Improve business performance and outlook


Tracking KPIs and metrics in real time

Real time

Make decisions in real time to impact performance


All team members connected

By restaurateurs, for restaurateurs

Need access to a platform you can trust?

We’re a bunch of ex-restaurateurs like you.
We’d like to think we know a thing or two about how much work it takes to run a restaurant.
Delighting our customers is something we’re big on, so we’re on hand to support you if you need us.


We know the industry and all the trials and tribulations of running a restaurant


Passionate and intelligent workforce ready to support


Dedicated support at all stages from implementation through to day-to-day running


We’re real people, not robots


Yes, Tenzo is available on the App Store as well as Google Play Store. See your store’s performance in one place and keep track of how each day goes with Tenzo’s log book.

No, Tenzo is our own proprietary app. Simply log in to your Tenzo account to access data from all of your systems in one place.

While we have the tech on our side that looks at all your past data as well as outside factors like weather and events, there will always be things we don’t know about. Whether that’s roadworks outside that reduce footfall or new marketing campaigns you’re running, you can always adjust our forecast to reflect that. In fact, we find that when a manager engages with our forecasts, our already more accurate forecasts get 5% better.

Absolutely not – we created Tenzo so that the people on the ground could get access to the information they needed at the moment they need it. No waiting around for weekly reports that are immediately obsolete, instead get the performance optimising info you need in real time.

Definitely, we want you to get the most relevant information for you in your dashboard. Talk to your business admin about changing anything in your view.

Use cases for General Managers

Pizza Making
Real-time information

See how you’re performing in real-time. Understand where you stand against targets during every service and make decisions based on that.

Customers eating in a restaurant

We know restaurants and we know what you need. F&B businesses are our only focus and as such all our development has you in mind.

Fresh Vegetables - reducing wastage
Order efficiently

Tenzo’s demand forecasts help you order the right amount of ingredients so you don’t run out or have a ton of waste to throw away.

No delays

No more waiting till the end of the month to know where you stand. Real-time information means hitting your targets is easier than ever.

Communicate across the team

Something gone wrong on a particular shift? Tenzo’s log books make communicating issues a breeze.

Your sidekick

Think of Tenzo as your own personal sidekick to help you do what you love to do . Tenzo just wants to help and never replace real people on the team.

“Tenzo gave us facts to base our decisions on; before it was quite anecdotal, saying that it “feels like we’re not making money” or “it feels like we’re overstaffed at these times”.

Tom Brand, Finance Director, Incipio

“We want to get rid of administration as much as possible, so they can focus on training, being there with the team, and analysis. And that’s where Tenzo helps.”

Benjamin D’Hertefelt, Project Manager, NONA

“Tenzo’s forecasting solution combines machine learning with an easy to use mobile app for the restaurant managers. This has helped increase labour productivity by hour by 15%.”

Moji Neshat, GM Singapore, Nando’s

“Tenzo’s ability to give us a very intuitive platform to read the sales analysis, to overlay revenue with staff costs – makes it all very simple.”

James McLean, Partner at Truffle Hunting, The Fat Duck, The Gentlemen Baristas, The Crown and more.

“Having Tenzo has really made our lives so much easier.”

Svenja Siltmann, Group Operations Manager, Generator & Freehand