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What data does Tenzo aggregate?

Tenzo brings all restaurant operational data together including: 

  • revenue data from your POS and/or your delivery management system
  • we handle multiple versions of integrations to POS, Labour & Inventory systems.
  • Labour data from your rota tool (hours, salaried employees, role, house part, overheads, shift’s planned and actual.)
  • Inventory data from stock management systems
  • review data from review sites

The data pulled into Tenzo is matched to the excess of 99% to POS, labour, inventory and reviewing platforms.

When our shared customers have access to all their performance data in one place, it’s far simpler to see where opportunities to increase sales and reduce costs lay. Unlocking huge value by understand which day parts are the most profitable and where shifting opening times would allow for increased productivity. 

“Tenzo’s product compliments Planday perfectly. Tenzo can offer our hospitality customers detailed analytics and reports on their hospitality business, which they can easily access from their Planday account thanks to the integration.”

Sofia Ellmén
Global Partnerships Marketing Lead

AI forecasting: automatic labour schedules

Tenzo’s AI forecasting engine allows us to create forecasts that are 30-50% more accurate than a typical 4-week average.

Our engine looks at your past sales, weather, seasonality, holidays, and more to work out how each of these factors affect each one of your locations.

Using our sales forecast, we are able to break sales down into hourly segments. Then, by implementing your custom labour rules, we can recommend how many staff members should be working. This “recommended schedule” can then be used when scheduling within Planday.

The bottom line: under and overstaffing can be reduced easily, saving you money and time.


Real-time alerts

We’ll send you an alert when something doesn’t quite look right so you know sooner rather than later. This could be an issue with staffing – being either under or overstaffed based on forecast demand; when a cost of an ingredient suddenly surges or if too many discounts are being given.

The thresholds are customisable based on your own understanding of your business. What’s important is that the right person knows what’s going on and can make changes before it’s too late and you’re left out of pocket.

By acting on insights, you can have a real effect on overall performance. Fast decision-making is key in the modern restaurant industry as things can change dramatically from day to day.

It’s all well and good having a ton of data to dive into, but unless you’re actively changing the way you do things based on that data, you’re not capitalising on that font of information.

“Tenzo gave us facts to base our decisions on; before it was quite anecdotal, saying that it “feels like we’re not making money” or “it feels like we’re overstaffed at these times”.

Tom Brand, Finance Director, Incipio

“We want to get rid of administration as much as possible, so they can focus on training, being there with the team, and analysis. And that’s where Tenzo helps.”

Benjamin D’Hertefelt, Project Manager, NONA

“Tenzo’s forecasting solution combines machine learning with an easy to use mobile app for the restaurant managers. This has helped increase labour productivity by hour by 15%.”

Moji Neshat, GM Singapore, Nando’s

“Having Tenzo has really made our lives so much easier.”

Svenja Siltmann, Group Operations Manager, Generator & Freehand