Sales and Forecasting

Tenzo gives you sales data in real time
on your phone or desktop.


Track sales by location, order type,
product category and employee.

Compare between different locations, menu items and time periods. Decision-making will never be as fast.

Tenzo benefits include

Increase revenues

Simple notification

Sales tracking

Save time compared
to spreadsheets

Reduce wastage

Optimize opening hours

Optimize your menu

Identify issues early

Tenzo can forecast the level
of demand of your store at a
particular time and day.


Increase procurement efficiency
with automated forecasting.

Find the right balance of delivery and in-store
resources, more accurate ordering and staff scheduling.
With Tenzo, you will be notified if your forecast changes

Benefits of Forecasting Sales

  • Reduce wastage and cut costs
  • More accurate ordering
  • Better match staff to demand
  • No more sitting around during quiet times
  • Avoid long queues by having the right
    number of servers

By collecting your data, Tenzo enables you to forecast the level of demand for your store. Contact us to test Tenzo yourself.


By taking into account multiple variables such as historic sales, weather and events, Tenzo helps you to optimize your labour scheduling and reduce food wastage. Tenzo finds the right balance of resources to raise your efficiency.