Using Tenzo with Apicbase Reporting

Apicbase is definitely one of the best inventory management platforms on the market, but its power can be further enhanced through its integration with Tenzo.  

  • Upgrade the Apicbase reporting suite. Instantly deep-dive into any aspect of your business on desktop or mobile. Forget about Excel sheets, take advantage of Tenzo’s intuitive and super fast platform. See all your locations’ data in one simple interface.
  • See all your data in one place. Automatically combine Apicbase reporting with data from your other software platforms, including your labour scheduler, POS, and more.
  • AI Forecasting. Tenzo’s machine learning algorithm helps you order and prep the right amount every time. Dramatically reduce your food waste and costs with forecasting that is 30-50% more accurate than traditional methods.

“With Tenzo and Apicbase you have all the necessary information to make data-driven decisions at your fingertips. Finally, restauranteurs have complete control over inventory and procurement .”

Carl Jacobs

All your data in one place

Tenzo brings together all of your systems’ data into one easy-to-use platform. Compare your inventory, POS and labour data in one place. By combining different data sources Tenzo can give you unique information such as instant flash P&Ls as well as other out of the box reports.

Want to compare each of your locations? Tenzo allows you to view all of your sites on one page, making location comparison a breeze. No more waiting for each individual location’s data to load, see costs in a table or in a graph to show trends over time.


Save your precious time

Tenzo allows users to collate information quickly and efficiently, without having to resort to complicated Excel sheets. Spending hours pulling reports is a thing of the past, Tenzo can automate your reports and send them to you by email or see them in the mobile app. Free up your team’s time to actually act on your valuable data.

Thanks to Tenzo’s streamlined user interface, your most valuable KPI’s are right at your fingertips. All information is easy to find and compare, allowing you to see your business in a whole new light.


AI Forecasting

Tenzo uses artificial intelligence to give you hyper-accurate sales forecasts. Thanks to a combination of historical data, weather, seasonality, holidays and local events, Tenzo’s forecasts are 30-50% more accurate than a four-week average, making sure you order and prep the right amount every time.

By providing more accurate forecasts, Tenzo can also help you significantly cut down your food waste, helping you save the environment and precious pennies at the same time.

Know of something we don’t? You and your managers have the ability to adjust these forecasts based on custom events such as street fairs, football matches or ongoing construction.

Never be short on staff again! By predicting sales to an hourly level, Tenzo also helps you staff accordingly, making sure you are never over- or understaffed.

Unlock powerful metrics

Tenzo labour costs

Want to know your exact labour costs as a percentage of sales throughout the day? Plugging Tenzo into Planday allows you to do just that. Want to visualise your cost of labour versus your total sales for each of your locations? Tenzo has a graph for that.

Tenzo staffing levels

Tenzo can also show you your usual staffing levels at any given hour of the day, and over any given time period. This enables a more complete view of staff scheduling; you can easily spot staffing anomalies and solve them.

Tenzo labour metric

Another powerful Tenzo labour metric is planned-versus-actual-labour. See where your team diverged from the schedule, and act on these insights to make future schedules better – cutting down on those morale-sapping times when staff must be sent home early, or called in on their day off.


What is Apicbase?

Apicbase is an easy to use platform for food cost control that integrates seamlessly with ePOS-systems. It supports single and multi-unit restaurants, hotels and catering operations, and manages all kitchen data – from recipes to procurement.

The back-of-house of a professional food business is notoriously hard to manage. The reason is simple: a lot is happening at the same time. And it never stops. It’s a continuous loop of recipe development, menu engineering, inventory control and procurement.

The goal of all this is clear: keep quality up and costs down. The downside is that the admin can quickly become stressful and time-consuming. 

Apicbase eliminates spreadsheets and provides staff with an easy-to-use interface to enter recipes, ingredients and stock data. 

Management and owners can monitor operations in a clean-cut dashboard that shows the food costs, orders, inventory status, sales data and more. 

For current Tenzo customers

Tenzo users benefit from using Apicbase – one of the most modern systems in the world. Apicbase is an excellent choice that works seamlessly with Tenzo. Apicbase sends us data at regular intervals meaning that your Tenzo reports are always up to date, showing the latest data from your tills. Contact your Tenzo account manager for more information.


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