Reputable business software directory FinancesOnline has recognized Tenzo as an exceptional business intelligence solution. The team called the software a “must-have for restaurant owners, store managers, and employees who want to fully comprehend their business and improve its performance through the maximum use and analysis of their data.” Impressed with the overall design of Tenzo in equipping businesses with actionable insights to drive their profitability, the review team honored us with its prestigious Great User Experience Award for 2018 under their top business intelligence software category.

FinancesOnline is one of the most trusted review platforms for B2B and SaaS solutions, having reviewed thousands of software solutions across various categories and visited by over 2 million users. It has a useful resource for all types of software solutions, making it the go-to place for those looking to answer their business intelligence software questions.

FinancesOnline’s qualifications for its Great User Experience Award, which includes ease of use, intuitive interface design and easy product implementation, perfectly match our core principles in designing the software. Tenzo was built to supply all essential data in an accessible platform and deliver insights in real-time to key personnel, allowing everyone to focus on their operations instead of wasting time wrestling with the software. The FinancesOnline team elaborated on this in their Tenzo overview, stating that it “simplifies and speeds up your access to data from multiple sources and systems, centralizing all your data in one place for easy and painless reporting.”

As seen in FinancesOnline’s review, other notable benefits of Tenzo include effortless sales forecasting thanks to smart AI and automation capabilities and real-time social media feedback monitoring for speedy resolution of issues. They also found Tenzo’s forecasts reliable for recalibrating one’s staffing strategies.

Complementing the positive remarks from FinancesOnline’s experts is a high 95% user satisfaction rating and inclusion in their business intelligence tools research. Additionally, we were conferred with the Rising Star Award for 2018 in recognition of our increasing presence on the market and positive client feedback.

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Tenzo Team