Let Tenzo help you transform the way you manage your data and your business. 

After graduating from University, like so many, I was unsure of what direction to take. I knew I had enjoyed my experience in hospitality. Since then I have worked in several hospitality businesses, as a bartender and shot-seller in a nightclub, as a head host in a cocktail bar and restaurant, and as part of the management team at two pubs.

I was looking for a new challenge and came across a role in the business development team at Tenzo. When I saw what Tenzo could do for the industry, I immediately wished the businesses I worked in had Tenzo.

Two key things stood out to me:

(As well as saving you time and money with accurate forecasting and collection of labour and sales data)

Firstly, Tenzo will help businesses have happier guests. Secondly, and no less importantly, Tenzo will help create happier teams.

How can Tenzo make my guests happier?

Using Tenzo has been shown to increase customer satisfaction by 19%!

Happy Customers



  • Labour forecasting helps minimise understaffing – potential customers who see a team stretched very thin often walk away! (Or write negative reviews when they are unsatisfied with service.)
  • Accurate ordering minimises disappointed guests when products are out of stock.
  • Consolidating social media in one place, and notifying you when you receive a negative review means you can respond to feedback in seconds from an app – sometimes a timely and genuine response to a negative review can resolve the issues that caused it.
recent social reviews

How can Tenzo make my team happier? 

Happy Hospitality Teams
  • Labour forecasting will ALSO help your team feel they can rely on you to give them the hours they need.
  • With Tenzo your managers can be more in control of the business – too often teams are demotivated when management does not appear to know what they are doing.
  • The fact that Tenzo shows you all your data in an app means managers can spend more time on the floor encouraging and overseeing the team instead of being holed up in an office juggling spreadsheets.
  • Tracking employees’ individual sales statistics means managers can reward good work, and maintain standards – many businesses offer incentives to motivate their teams to maximise sales.
  • Proper management is one reason behind the success of The Alchemist , where I worked as a head host. As well as having a unique and eye-catching brand, their intensive training programme produces managers who are up to speed on all areas of the business. They are also an example of a business that successfully uses incentives to get the most out of their teams.

Richard Branson, someone who is no stranger to success in business has said. “I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers, and that people flourish when they are praised.”

As well as providing a better service, teams who trust their management and feel looked after are more likely to stay, in an industry where staff turnover is often problematically high. According to Yougov in August 2018, the annual staff retention rate in hospitality was at 70%, well below the UK average of 85%. When workers were asked what factors would make them less likely to leave:

  • 52% said more stable income and guaranteed hours.
  • 32% said more transparency from employers regarding shifts/scheduling.

Tenzo can help make improvements on both these counts. Accurate forecasting allows businesses to inform their staff of what hours they will be needed for with confidence, and provides an objective, data-driven way of making decisions.

A happy team and happy guests puts your business in the best possible position to thrive and grow. Tenzo can help you achieve this.

Josh Rampton (Business Development Manager)

For any questions email [email protected] or to arrange a demo with one of our team follow this link.