At Tenzo, we believe that best-of-breed solutions are key to the success of restaurants. Each operational challenge that restaurants face is unique, so picking the right tool for you is essential. 

We recently spoke with Planday about how they view best-in-breed solutions, and how an integrated approach to the restaurant tech ecosystem is vital in the process to ensure smooth, efficient operations for restaurants. 

“We believe an ecosystem strategy with partners on each operational challenge of the restaurant is the only way to keep focus, working as a team to help restaurateurs thrive.” – Sebastian Arrese, Senior Partnerships Manager, Tenzo

Partnerships with Hospitality Tech Companies

Planday’s mission is to help hospitality SMBs make their days work; offering best-in-class solutions to uncomplicate everyday workforce management and automating the handling of POS, inventory, payroll, and more! 

Planday puts an emphasis on partnerships with other hospitality tech companies to help fulfil their mission. Planday itself offers a best-of-breed solution and partners with other software companies to solve adjacent pain points in hospitality, meaning that together, customers can get the best experience and the highest performance out of their work days. 

“To best fulfil this mission, we’re dedicated to building strong partnerships with leading software providers” – Sofia Ellmén, Global Partnerships Marketing Lead, Planday

Planday has an open API, making it easy for software providers to build integrations into their platform whilst their internal team, and third-party providers, help to introduce new integrations, fast. 

“A strong tech ecosystem is good news for everyone – allowing us to bridge gaps to better meet our customer needs and strengthen our product offering.” – Sofia Ellmén, Global Partnerships Marketing Lead, Planday

A successful partnership goes beyond investment and resources. When looking for partners Planday focuses on their values, goals, customer profiles, and the strategic direction of the business. 

“It’s a bit like a friendship.” – Sofia Ellmén, Global Partnerships Marketing Lead, Planday

A strong alignment in core beliefs allows for great conditions for a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Planday x Tenzo

How does the ecosystem benefit customers?

For customers, working with tools that have a well-structured partnership and seamless integration with each other brings endless benefits. The support provided by Planday and Tenzo, and any other partners, removes the stress of researching and trying out multiple systems when trying to navigate hospitality tech to find the best solutions for their operations. 

“We help to save hospitality SMBs valuable time; time that they can spend growing their business.”– Sofia Ellmén, Global Partnerships Marketing Lead, Planday

Planday is committed to delivering the best workforce management service and product to their customers. So, providing them with access to the best complimentary systems helps their customers in two ways – elevating their Planday experience and making it overall easier to run their business. 

Planday and Tenzo 

Planday and Tenzo complement each other perfectly. Tenzo can offer Planday’s hospitality customers detailed analytics and reporting on their hospitality businesses, with information access easily from their Planday account, thanks to the integration. 


As companies that believe that best-in-breed solutions are the answers to the complex operational challenges faced by hospitality businesses, we also believe that partnerships are integral to the success of each other, and our clients. 

Seamless integrations between software allow restaurant operators to have access to more of their information in one place and create a real-time impact on the performance of their restaurants. 

Technology is confusing for all businesses, but the amount available to restaurants means a strong partnership, and the support received as a result, is vital in reducing the risk of data paralysis; allowing businesses to make the most of their data. 

If you’re interested in seeing how the tools work together, reach out to the team to discover the integration.