We’re committed to helping you make the most of your Tenzo toolkit to support you through this difficult situation.

We’ve compiled in this blog a recommended selection of insights, available in Tenzo now, that will help you to understand the impact on your business during this exceptionally challenging time, and assist you as you start to plan for the weeks ahead.

To access the links shared below, log in to your Tenzo account – when you click a link this will take you to the report card for your business. If you would like these cards added to your dashboard or an email please request this here with our team.

Revenue – understand how your sales are changing

Yesterday’s sales like-for-like year on year – compare sales for yesterday to the same day last year at locations where you were open last year.

Yesterday’s sales by daypart compared to last week – understand within the day where your sales are being impacted the most to help review opening hours.

Week to date sales by order type by the hour (graph below) – look at how delivery and in restaurant sales are changing during the day (note your point of sale needs to handle delivery/eat in sales as an order type).

Sales by category, item and order type week to date – identify your top and bottom item sales and by order type to support with reviewing your menu.

Labour – monitor your planned staffing levels

This is definitely going to be the hardest part of managing through this period. Restaurants, coffee shops and pubs across the country are critical parts of the community so in many cases will have to stay open to provide that support, unless obviously the government orders against it. Making sure your team is safe and that the levels of staffing are sufficient so that they can still earn enough whilst not burdening the business too much is going to be a very hard balance to strike. Below are some reports that we hope will help.

Planned labour hours for the next week – seeing the planned labour hours over the next week to help understand if you are hitting the minimum number of hours each location needs to operate.

Planned labour cost for the next week – Understand your planned hours to confirm any shift pattern changes.

Cost of labour as a % of sales (COL%S) week to date compared to last year track your labour costs to help monitor your cashflow.

Remember you’re also able to look at the COL%S for a specific day using the Tenzo labour module here


Inventory – manage your stock levels

Purchased by category – review your purchases to identify opportunities for savings

Inventory usage – track your actual cost of goods sold compared to theoretical to monitor inventory usage and waste

Remember you’re also able to track individual product items using the Tenzo Inventory module here

Inventory data

Other Toolkit Features

1. Explore your dashboard key metrics across different date ranges in Tenzo Use the magnifying glass on the top right-hand corner of your Tenzo dashboard to look at your key metrics across different date ranges when using Tenzo on your laptop or computer.

Tenzo dashboard

2. Add additional members of your team as Tenzo users – Use the Account Admin feature to add new users to your Tenzo account so they can track performance and support with planning efforts.

3. Forecasting – whilst forecasting sales over the next few weeks is likely to be very challenging, we have seen a good response of our forecasting algorithms in countries that were affected by COVID-19 sooner than the UK.

Adjust forecasts

Contact us here if you’d like any of these features turned on.