For our latest case study we spoke to Scot Turner, VP of Operations at Qoot, about how using Tenzo has improved their business. Introducing Tenzo has significantly improved Qoot’s day-to-day operations, with some very impressive results.

In these strange new Covid-oriented times, operators need to stay on top of their labour costs more than ever, making sure that they aren’t eating up a significant percentage of sales revenue with so many restrictions in place and the chance of lockdowns at every corner. Fortunately, thanks to Tenzo’s simple and easy-to-understand reporting and insights, Qoot was able to save 15% in labour costs by making some key data-backed changes to their shift schedules.

And thanks to Tenzo, General Managers across Qoot’s brands (including The Gentlemen Baristas, By Chloe and the Lebanese Bakery in the UK) have a better understanding of their individual operations. Furthermore, Qoot’s head office can easily see each brand’s activity as well as how the business is doing as a whole, giving them better insight on how to make improvements. They are actively using Tenzo’s comprehensible data analysis to see where more opportunities lie within the business.

If you’d like to find out exactly how Tenzo have helped Qoot, make sure to download our latest case study.

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