About Macellaio

Roberto Costa founded the first Macellaio in Italy before coming to London to share what he had learnt over twenty years in the food industry. His concept is always the same, the best way of doing hospitality is without compromising the quality — ever.

Why “Macellaio”? According to Roberto Costa it is a name that aspires to be a praise to the animal, but above all to the work of the artisan farmers that devote their lives to this passionate world. Macellaio RC is a hymn to Italian excellence.

All the products offered in Macellaio are the result, the “fruit” as they like to say in Italy, of dedicated work by artisans and farmers who share the “Italian passion” and the same meaning of “made in Italy”.

The commitment is to offer their clients the excellence of Italian products with no compromise.

“Is the only place in London where you can find real Italian meat like fiorentina or tagliata. Strongly recommended!” — Emaserafini on TripAdvisor

“One of our favorite places in London. Great meat and a very nice wine list. Staff is very kind and knowledgeable… Always looking forward to go back.” — KB-Dora on TripAdvisor

Why they use Tenzo

Roberto Costa was looking for a way for the managers of his three locations to have everything under control. With Tenzo, directly on their phone, they can check their sales in detail (by location, product category, product item…), all their social reviews (Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter…), their staff performance and also the forecast of sales for the next week.

In concrete terms, with Tenzo, Roberto Costa and his managers can see everything in one place, simply presented and on mobile.

“Tenzo it’s simple and that simplicity helps manage the restaurant in the best way… It’s the best app that I saw, ever” — Roberto Costa, owner of Macellaio RC.

Watch the video testimonial: