At Tenzo, we are 100% committed to protecting your data.

A trusted partner

At Tenzo, we take security seriously. In fact, one of our core values is to be a trusted partner, a partner that you can trust to take care and protect your data. It is our priority to build trusted and secure services that put the customers’ needs first. Handling data every day, we know just how valuable your information is, so we take every measure to keep it as safe as possible. 



To see how Tenzo complies to the GDPR legislation, please visit this page.

A trusted partner

How we keep your data safe 

Tenzo has security protocols based on ISO27002 which include both physical and digital security measures to protect your information. We make sure to always stay ahead of the game by undertaking regular security reviews with every employee in the company. We make sure to emphasise security to every new joiner, taking them through intense security training in their onboarding process. 

We know that two sets of eyes are better than one, we therefore operate a responsible disclosure programme where you can report any security concerns. We’re happy to pay a bounty for new issues based on severity found on the following domains:

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