2023 has been one hell of a year at Tenzo! From completely changing the look and feel of Tenzo to growing the team and adding some epic customers, 2023 might have been the best year yet. 

Introducing Restaurant PerformanceOps

The biggest launch of the year (in our world at least). After years of work, we finally launched our brand new category: Restaurant PerformanceOps together with a full rebrand of our platform. 


When Tenzo started in 2016, our goal was simply to bring a restaurant’s data into one place. But as we’ve grown and the industry has become more and more tech-forward, Tenzo’s capabilities have developed to a point where we’re now not only aggregating the data but providing a platform to analyse trends and predict what’s happening next in order to act with confidence and make data-backed decisions, so needed to find the right way to express that.

To hear more about the process of creating our category as well as how we hope to impact the hospitality industry, have a listen to Christian’s interviews on the B Word and Tech on Toast podcasts!

Our goal now is to keep supporting the hospitality industry to shift from surviving to thriving with access to the insights businesses need to keep growing! 

An ever-improving product

Tenzo users will have noticed quite a lot of change in the last year. Firstly, when we launched Restaurant PerformanceOps, we also split our offering into three categories: Aggregate, Analyse & Predict, and Act

Our Aggregate Product is now available as an independent offering. This means that if a business wants to use Tenzo as a data warehouse where we take care of maintaining integrations to your operational tools but push the data into another BI tool, we can make it happen. 

This works particularly well in businesses where head office users are well versed in data manipulation and visualisation and who want very customised ways of looking at their data. A positive is that they can also have access to the Tenzo platform to give their frontline teams a simple, mobile-first way to engage with their data. 


On the Analyse & Predict side, we’ve improved our forecasting algorithm and added the option for customers to upload custom calendars to pull in events that are most impactful to their revenue. For example, we now have sports bar customers who pull in all the important matches to help forecast the amount of staff they’ll need so no customers have to miss important moments while queuing for a beer. 

We’ve also completely rethought our admin structure and continue to give users more freedom to create their own subscription emails and set up personalised log book templates

Continuing to be a trusted partner 

This year we increased the number of systems we integrate with to over 80 and deepened our partnerships with the companies behind them. 

We had over 60 partner events whether that was training, sales enablement, drinks, networking or even the odd football match! Every time we meet with partners, we realise how integral our collaboration is to making sure every shared customer is supported in the best possible way. 


We were also delighted to attend the Lightspeed Partner Summit in Montreal this year where we were nominated for the Most Innovative Hospitality Partner Award.

We added a few more integrations to the wheel in 2023 including:

  • Oracle Simphony
  • Oracle Opera
  • Procure Wizard
  • OpenTable
  • HR Duo

Adding some awesome new customers 

Thank you to every single one of our customers who used Tenzo this year! We’re extremely proud to have maintained our 100% 5-star review rate on Trustpilot. A quick shout-out to all the new customers who joined this year! We added three new countries: Germany, Indonesia and South Africa. That brings the number of countries Tenzo is present in to 24! 

Here’s just a selection of some of the incredible brands we get to work with on a daily basis!

What’s next?

2024 is going to be epic! We have some amazing features in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for a dashboard creator which will allow users to create their own Tenzo dashboards as well as a card wizard that will help you find the reports you need to add to those dashboards. 

We’re revamping emails and alerts so get ready for some awesome new notifications! 

There’s even more coming, but you’ll have to wait for 2024 to find out about those secret initiatives. We’re super excited about how we can supercharge Tenzo even further.