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Automated reporting

Tenzo brings together internal sources including: 

  • your revenue data from Lightspeed
  • your labour data
  • your inventory data from your stock management system
  • your reservation systems
  • review data from review sites

Spend less time compiling data and get automated reporting on the metrics that drives your restaurants performance. From simple real-time insights like sales week-to-date and cost of labour as a percentage of sales to more out of the box reports combining sales, labour

Tenzo and Lightspeed user – Rich Wright
Business Development Manager
European Pubs

Multi-site and currency reporting

Analyse performance across all areas of your business. Understand your best-performing sites as well as our best-performing team members. With Tenzo’s employee module, see who convinces people to have that extra dessert, add a drink or make a meal out of their order.

Have business operating with multiple currencies? No problem Tenzo can normalise that data so everyone is talking the same language.


Transitioning from different Lightspeed products?

Tenzo integrates with Lightspeed K, L, O and R.

If you are transitioning to another Lightspeed series Tenzo keeps your historical data so you will enjoy the ability to track your performance overtime, year-on-year sales performance for instance.

We are in regular contact with the Lightspeed team so you don’t have to worry about your different tech not working together to give you value.

We recently transitioned Ku Bar from Lightspeed series L to Lightspeed series K.