How Tenzo and Zapier work together

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Using Tenzo and Zapier

Using the Tenzo and Zapier integration allows you to send sales, payment and forecast data from Tenzo to any of the thousands of apps on the Zapier marketplace and automate time-consuming tasks. 


  • Send summarised sales and payment data to your accountancy software such as Quickbooks, Xero and Sage, to automate your accountancy tasks
  • See your forecasted sales within staff schedulers including Deputy, Tanda and When I Work, to easily schedule staff based on your predicted sales by the hour.  
  • Connect to any of the thousands of apps within the Zapier marketplace
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how the zapier integration works

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to set up automated workflows - ‘zaps’ - between any of the thousands of apps in its marketplace. This means that you set a trigger from one app (like summarised end of day sales in Tenzo) and send it through automatically to another one (like your accountancy software). This allows you to automate tasks that would have required manual data input beforehand. Zapier acts like a bridge between all of your different software.

Zapier also allows you to create multiple actions in one automated ‘zap’. This could mean setting up a task to send next week’s sales forecast once they’ve been confirmed in Tenzo to your labour scheduler, then sending an email to your shift managers letting them know the forecast is ready to be viewed and scheduled against. This frees up time and takes a repetitive yet necessary task off of your busy hands.

summarised sales for zapier integration

Summarised sales for accountancy

Tenzo’s integration with Zapier allows you to send your daily summarised sales to your accounting programme, eliminating the need for manual input by your finance department. Without you needing to do anything, your sales are sent over at the end of each day directly from data in your point of sale system.

No more typos or inaccuracies caused by human error, you can be sure that your books will be totally up to date and accurate. This also allows your finance team to spend time analysing your sales for any inconsistencies instead of using valuable hours to input the data in the first place.

forecast sales for zapier integration

Forecast sales for labour schedulers

Tenzo’s AI sales forecasts allow you to staff as efficiently as possible, never ending up under- or over-staffed. We can recommend how many staff you’ll need based on your hourly sales forecasts, but when you go to schedule these hours, you used to have to switch between apps. 

This is no longer the case. Thanks to Tenzo and Zapier’s integration, Tenzo sales forecasts can be sent to your staff scheduler software so that your shift managers can create the most efficient rotas every week. Sales forecasts change based on everything from time of the year to holidays to even the weather so your staff rotas should change just as much. You can now easily make these alterations using Tenzo data in your staff scheduler.