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Using Tenzo with Tanda Reporting

Tanda is, without a doubt, one of the best labour scheduling software options on the planet, but its power can be further enhanced through its integration with Tenzo.


  • Upgrade the Tanda reporting suite.
  • Automatically combine your labour data with data from your POS and other systems. See all your data in one place.
  • Allow Tenzo to predict, using machine learning, how many staff members you will need for each hour of every day, by combining your Tanda labour data with your sales data.

Using Tenzo alongside the Workforce (Tanda) platform allows our users to have a complete holistic picture of their business. The deep insights into sales and forecasting enables them to make informed decisions with regards to employee management.

Bryce Davies
Workforce Success Consultant

labour planner

AI forecasting: automatic labour schedules

Tenzo’s world-beating AI forecasting engine allows us to create forecasts that are 30-50% more accurate than a typical 4-week average. Our engine looks at your past sales, weather, seasons, holidays, local events, and more, and works out how each of these factors affect each one of your locations.

Using our hyper-accurate sales forecast, we are able to break sales down into hourly segments. Then, by implementing your custom labour rules, we can recommend how many staff should be working. This "recommended schedule" can then be used when scheduling within Tanda.

The bottom line: under and overstaffing can be reduced easily, saving you money and time.

mobile alerts

No more schedule mistakes: Mobile alerts when you are going to be under or overstaffed

After you have put your shifts into Tanda, Tenzo takes this information and compares it to our recommended AI labour schedule, sending you a timely warning notification if you have too many or too few employees scheduled-in for a future shift. Your GMs can make adjustments on-the-go on any device and receive push notifications with our recommended adjustments.

But what if the weather changes after I make my schedule? We have you covered. Tenzo even takes into account ever-changing factors such as weather and events, figuring out how these will affect your plans even as the changes occur. Sudden change in the forecast to heavy rain? No problem. We will let you know ahead of time if this means you will now be overstaffed or understaffed.

Top Tenzo Labour Metrics

  • Labour as a % of sales
  • Year-on-year labour cost
  • Average number of staff working
  • Planned vs actual labour
  • Cross location reporting
  • Cost of each role as a % of sales

Unlock powerful metrics

Using Tenzo to automatically combine your Tanda data with your POS data (and other data), enables some extremely powerful metrics that can help you understand aspects of your business much more clearly.

  • Want to know your exact labour costs as a percentage of sales throughout the day? Plugging Tenzo into Tanda allows you to do just that. Want to visualise your cost of labour versus your total sales for each of your locations? Tenzo has a graph for that.
  • Tenzo can also show you your usual staffing levels at any given hour of the day, and over any given time period. This enables a more complete view of staff scheduling; you can easily spot staffing anomalies and solve them.
  • Another powerful Tenzo labour metric is planned-versus-actual-labour. See where your team diverged from the schedule, and act on these insights to make future schedules better - cutting down on those morale-sapping times when staff must be sent home early, or called in on their day off.

These are just a few examples of the many game-changing insights you can unlock.

sales trends

Multi-site reporting

Running multiple locations? Tenzo’s integration with Tanda lets you see integrated cross-location reports. For example, examine how your labour costs differ between locations in one simple table. Dig deep into the differences between your locations, uncover reasons for underperformance or find star performers.

Note: Using different POS systems at your different sites? No problem - we can even give you integrated reporting for all your sites if each store is using totally different systems.


Who are Tanda?

Tanda is an online workforce success platform that helps businesses manage rota scheduling, timesheets, payroll, and employee onboarding. 

We've been significantly cutting hours in tracking schedules, awards, and supers, allowing for smooth and accurate pays for every employee, every time.

We believe that organisations are successful when their workforce is successful.

That’s why we’re taking away the time-consuming administrative work from you, so you can focus more on your people and your business’ growth


For current Tenzo customers

If you currently use Tenzo, but aren’t using a modern labour scheduling software platform, adding Tanda to your stack of restaurant management software allows you to add Tenzo’s labour module to your account.

This module gives you in-depth restaurant labour analytics, and allows you to compare sales metrics against your labour data. If you have forecasting in your Tenzo account, we will also generate a recommended labour schedule using our AI forecasting engine.

Tanda is an excellent choice of scheduling software that works seamlessly with Tenzo.

Contact your Tenzo account manager for more information or a demo of the labour module.

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