Why use Tenzo to upgrade your Revel reporting?

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Using Tenzo with Revel Reporting

Revel is without a doubt one of the best POS options on the planet, but its power can be further enhanced through its integration with Tenzo.


  • Upgrade the Revel reporting suite, allowing you to instantly deep-dive into any aspect of your business on desktop or mobile. Forget about Excel sheets and see even more information than you can in standard reporting packages.
  • See all your data in one place. Automatically combine your Revel data with data from your other software platforms, including your labour scheduler, reviews platforms, and more. Also, see data from multiple sites together.
  • Tenzo will predict your future sales by analyzing your Revel data with artificial intelligence. Your data will quickly tell you how much food, and how many staff members you will need on any given day up to 14 days in advance.

Tenzo and Revel work extremely well together, and the integration offers management teams tremendous data visibility; saving them time and empowering them to make better decisions.

Chris Lybeer,
Chief Strategy Officer,
Revel Systems


All your data in one place

Restaurant management teams spend too much time on tedious report pulling, excel-sheet wrangling, graph fiddling, and file attaching.

Tenzo connects Revel with all of your other systems to save you time and stress while dramatically improving communication in your business. We automatically pull Revel, labour, inventory, social media, and reviews data and serve it up in a beautiful analytics suite.

AI forecasting: perfect staff schedules, inventory ordering, and prepping

Tenzo’s world-beating forecasting engine uses machine-learning to create forecasts that are 30-50% more accurate than a typical 4-week average. Our engine looks at your past sales, weather, seasons, holidays, local events, and more, and works out how each of these factors affects each restaurant.

Reliable forecasts allow you to get ordering and prepping spot-on - saving you money and preventing food waste.

Our hyper-detailed sales forecasts predict your sales at an hourly level - allowing you to create optimised staff schedules every day. The bottom line: under and overstaffing can be easily reduced, saving you money and time, and improving your customers’ experience.


Transformative business insights

Tenzo gives you more detailed reporting, allowing you to understand what’s happening in your business far more easily...

  • Increase your revenue by benchmarking everything, preventing disastrous understaffing, and being instantly notified of any bad reviews.
  • Make the most of your workforce by identifying staffing inefficiencies, accurately forecasting labour requirements, and comparing staff performance.
  • Save money and the planet by identifying sources of waste, using artificial intelligence to forecast demand, and easily comparing vendors.

These are just a few examples of the powerful insights that Tenzo unlocks by connecting all of your systems.

A cutting edge analytics platform

Tenzo brings your Revel data into a cutting edge analytics platform that allows you to access insights at the speed-of-thought.

Our beautiful, intuitive tables and graphs are accessible on desktop, but also in our mobile app - meaning you can now access valuable insights wherever you are.

Tenzo is deeply customisable, giving you the exact information you need, in the exact format you want. Each user gets a level of access suitable to their role, and every view is shareable via its unique URL or exportable into excel (if you prefer) - making your team’s communication totally seamless.

Revel hardware and reporting

Who are Revel?

Designed for fast transactions, security, stability, and comprehensive operational management, Revel's easy to use point of sale will grow as you do. While our platform is a time-tested solution that pioneered the iPad as a point of sale, we have continually innovated to best serve your growing business.
Revel reporting

For existing Tenzo customers

Tenzo users benefit from using Revel - one of the most advanced, modern POS systems in the world. 

Revel and Tenzo work seamlessly together to deliver the most up-to-date data for when it really matters. This means that your Tenzo reports always show the latest data from your tills and you can take action knowing you have the most accurate information.

Contact your Tenzo account manager for more information.

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