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General Questions

How many people can use the tenzo account in the restaurant?

As many as you like - there is no charge for extra users.

Will all employees have access to the same data?

The platform is customisable to suit the demands of your company. You can give access for all employees to all data, or limit it so that some employees only see certain data (i.e. someone in head office could see all the locations, an area manager a group of locations and a location manager just their own location).

What is the cost?

Please contact our sales team to discuss prices.

How do the push-alerts to stores work?

Tenzo will send you periodic updates and alerts to users’ phones (these can also be emailed to you). You can talk to your account manager if there’s something specific you want to be alerted about.

What training material and solutions are provided when on boarding with Tenzo?

You will get:
- Online user guides and videos
       - Documentation:
       - Video:
- Onboarding sessions carried out via video conference

Can we use Tenzo to communicate internally?

You can use our logbook functionality to share data and log notes. You can then elect to have these logs circulated with the daily sales and other data to your users on a daily or weekly basis.

Can we automate report updates to be sent via email?


Can we export our reports to Excel?

Yes, all tables are easily exportable to CSV format, which can be opened in Excel or any other spreadsheet editor.

What customer support do you provide?

Primary support is through email at

Integration Questions

What POS and Staff Scheduler do you integrate with?

You can see all our integration partners here:

What if we do not yet integrate with your POS, Staff Scheduler or Inventory provider?

Not a problem. We will endeavour to set up an integration with your provider. Please get in touch with our sales team to get an idea of timing -


What data points does your forecasting module take into account?

- Historic sales data (incl. weekly, monthly, seasonal and annual trends)
- Local weather (e.g. temperature, precipitation, hours of sunshine etc.)
- Holidays and events (e.g. Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, public holidays, sports events etc.)
- We can even add custom events for you (reach out to us to learn more!)

At what granularity do you typically forecast?

Our forecast granularity includes:
- every 15 minutes
- by hour
- by day
- by individual product items

How much historical sales data does Tenzo require for the forecast to be accurate?

If you have no data, we can use a “proxy location”. If you have more than 90 days, you’ll get reasonable performance. To obtain the highest accuracy, we recommend more than 2 years worth of data.

Can Tenzo help us improve our budgeting months in advance?

Yes, if you supply us with a yearly budget, we can work out what you should be making on a daily basis by taking your past performance and events into consideration. We can also do this with monthly and weekly budgets.

How can we easily track the accuracy of Tenzo’s forecast?

There is an accuracy module that allows you to check how close Tenzo and the manager’s forecast were to the actual sales figures.

What is the smallest time interval we can forecast for?

We typically find that restaurants cannot action anything less than 15-minutes.

Can we forecast sales of individual product items?

Yes - we typically do this for the largest sellers (top 80% of menu items by sales).

How do we include local or custom events into our forecast?

These events should be added to google calendar. From there, we can include these events.

Can the forecast be adjusted by management to take into account untracked events?


What happens if the projected forecast changes for example a dramatic change in weather occurs?

A threshold can be set so that if the change in forecast is likely to change sales by a predetermined percentage an alert can be triggered.

How far out can we get reliable weather forecasts?

12 days


Can you overlay labour cost data with sales data?

Yes. We overlay the data to give you the cost of labour as a percentage of sales, and can even show this by hour of the day. You can look at these figures as an average over a period of time - for example what is the cost of labour as a percentage of sales on Tuesdays over the past quarter.


What review platforms do we integrate with?

Google Places, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook.

Does Tenzo have the capability to push responses to online reviews?

No, but we include with the reviews a link to the platform where you can then.

Can we set up alerts if we get a bad review?



What metrics do we track for employee performance?

- Average transaction size
- Average sales per hour
- We can also create product leaderboards e.g. showing total sales of individual product items over any time period.