Manage staff performance

Tenzo highlights your top staff performers


Increase your speed of service. Increase your average check size.

Give staff real time feedback on their performance and incentivise to sell more. With Tenzo, you will always have top performing staff at the right time.

Tenzo benefits include

Increase sales by driving average check size

Improve speed of service

Reduction in voids

Track time to train staff to standard performance levels

Do you want to follow the
performance of your employees?

Get your employees to sell more!

Tenzo will give you the right insights in order to give employees real time feedback on their performance. These insights will drive up your average spend and speed of service.


Make more of your employee top performers!

We’ve seen more than:

  • 150%

    Variability in check size dependent on employee
  • 800%

    Variability in speed of service